Care of laminate flooring – basic rules

Laminate has now become the most popular flooring for the houses on, because it has so many advantages. It does not crack from falling heavy objects, practically does not scratch and does not wear out over time. Especially popular is the device of laminate flooring in the hallway and kitchen, as this flooring is really very practical and unpretentious, and care for laminate in the apartment is very easy.

In order to answer this question, let’s consider in two words the structure of laminate. This material is made from wood waste, namely, from sawdust. Under the influence of special equipment sawdust are pressed and treated with special resins. On top of the laminate plates are covered with a paper that imitates the species and structure of the laminate. The final layer is a heavy duty waterproof lacquer.

Important rules of laminate flooring care

To ensure that your laminate flooring lasts a long time and retains its original appearance, it is very important to follow the basic rules when caring for it:

  1. Damp cleaning should be done with a well wrung out rag no more than twice a week.
  2. After washing, the surface should be wiped dry.
  3. Do not use hard brushes and nets.
  4. Do not use any abrasive or aggressive products that could damage the paint finish of the laminate flooring.
  5. Do not use any substances with wax as this makes the laminate surface very slippery.

In fact, laminate is afraid of water, but standing water. It is advisable not to subject it to such a test for a long time and during wet cleaning, twist the cloth well. Special devices for twisting the rag can help, as well as a microfiber rag that absorbs water very well. During wet cleaning, special detergents are used that prevent streaks from appearing on the surface and help get rid of greasy stains.

As you know, the higher grade laminate is less afraid of aggressive exposure during use. Nevertheless, there are no different ways to care for laminate flooring depending on its class. The only difference is in the types of cleaning: it can be simple or more complicated.

  1. A simple cleaning of laminate flooring is a regular wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and small debris. Usually this is enough, because laminate does not promote bacterial growth and dust settling like carpeting.
  2. Complicated – it is cleaning with the use of special compositions. For example, to remove some kind of dye or ink use household solvent applied to a rag or swab of non-synthetic material. The same nail polish remover or other acetone-based liquid is used to remove nail polish stains. Laundry detergent can also help.

Another problem: under the wheels of a chair or furniture after moving them may remain on the laminate stains the same color as the above-mentioned wheels. They can be removed from the surface with a sponge and soapy water, wiping the stains dry afterwards.